Keep the Best Interests of Your Child in Mind

Keep the Best Interests of Your Child in Mind

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When it comes to matters involving divorce, separation and children, it's easy to let emotions take control of your better judgment. An experienced lawyer will help you navigate through legal proceedings while keeping the best interests of you and your children in mind. Ashley A. Andrews, APC is a family law attorney in Arcadia, CA who will guide you through the entire process.

As a parent, you want your child's health, safety and welfare to remain the focus of any negotiations or legal battles. We'll work on behalf of one party in cases involving the end of a marriage or parenting relationship.

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A Case for Three Parents

A few years ago, I was appearing before a local family law judge. After this judge called his calendar, he then shared with the attorneys, their clients and everyone else in the court room some recent updates in the law. He also shared that he spent the weekend on his hands and knees in his

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In Deed – Convey Title Carefully

People do interesting things with real property and deeds before and during marriage. They add people onto title, take people off title or change the form of title for real and imaginary reasons with or without the assistance of attorneys. Sometimes, this creates problems and, worse case scenario, the loss of property to one spouse

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California Revocable Living Trusts and Divorce

Family law includes nearly every area of law; however, the purpose of this blog post is to explore some estate planning considerations in the context of a divorce. This post is limited to estate plans drafted in California and divorces taking place in California, as each state may have different laws. If you have an

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We charge an hourly rate for comprehensive services. Our attorney is always accessible and provides a high level of service and dedication when it comes to:

We'll assist you with out-of-court negotiations and presentations in front of a judge. Schedule a consultation with a child custody attorney in Arcadia, CA today.

We provide aggressive, creative representation

With more than a decade of family law experience, Ashley A. Andrews, APC has remained dedicated to her work in helping families. She spent close to the first decade of her career as a partner in a family law firm in Los Angeles.

Attorney Andrews takes pride in her tireless work ethic that places you in the best position to obtain favorable results. She's built her reputation as a strong, detail-oriented advocate and creative legal mind.

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