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As a parent, you want your child's well-being to be a priority. They have the right to be supported by both parents. Ashley A. Andrews, APC is a child support attorney in Arcadia, CA who fights for the best interests of your child.

You want to hire an attorney who understands how to determine the right amount of child support. You not only have to think about what your child needs right now, but what your child will need in the future, especially in cases involving disabilities.

Contact Ashley A. Andrews, APC today to schedule a consultation with a child support attorney who serves the Los Angeles County, CA area, including Arcadia and Pasadena, CA. You may call us at 626-408-5667

We'll determine your financial needs

We'll determine your financial needs

Attorney Andrews fights to get you what's fair when it comes to child and spousal support. You can call us when you need help:

  • Obtaining support payments
  • Modifying support amounts
  • Enforcing support rulings
  • Negotiating support amounts

For spousal support, you'll need to figure out your needs and expenses. Schedule a consultation about spousal support in Arcadia, CA by calling 626-408-5667 today.

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