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Business Valuation and Division Help During Divorce

Hire a family law attorney for business valuation and division in Arcadia and Pasadena, CA

Divorcing your spouse can be even more complicated if you own a business together. Fortunately, a family law attorney in Arcadia, CA can help you figure out how to handle business valuation and division.

Ashley A. Andrews, APC is the law firm to turn to for divorce property division. Attorney Andrews will evaluate your business and suggest the best course of action. We'll negotiate reasonable terms while keeping your best interests in mind. Reach out to attorney Andrews now to get started.

Review your business division options with a divorce & family law attorney

Review your business division options with a divorce & family law attorney

Attorney Andrews will suggest the best way to divide up a business when you want to divorce your spouse in Arcadia or Pasadena, CA. We have a wealth of divorce property division experience. Here's a look at a few of your business division options:

  • One party can buy-out the other to gain sole ownership of the business.
  • You can sell the business and then split the profits.
  • You and the other party can remain owners of the business.
  • You can agree on a tradeoff so that one party gets some of the community property while the other keeps the business.

Contact Ashley A. Andrews, APC right away to come up with the best divorce property division decision for your specific situation.

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