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Ashley A. Andrews, APC will assist you with visitation rights

In some cases of child custody, a parent might want visitation rights when they don't have physical custody. Visitation allows you to see your children on a regular basis. Ashley A. Andrews, APC is a family law attorney in Arcadia, CA who can assist you with visitation rights.

We'll always do what's in the best interests of the child. When possible, a parenting agreement will establish the visitation schedule. That plan will determine which parent has primary custody, details of any required support and other particulars about how to raise the child.

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Get legal assistance establishing an agreement

Get legal assistance establishing an agreement

When parents can't agree on visitation agreements, a hearing is scheduled so you can ask the court to grant your request. In general, courts believe a child will benefit from having both parents involved in their life. There are different types of child visitation, including:

  • Unsupervised visitation
  • Supervised visitation
  • Virtual visitation by video conferencing

In some cases, when a parent or child moves away, visitation schedules can be more difficult to arrange. Schedule a consultation with a family law attorney in Arcadia, CA today.